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Write SEO Copy Like the Pros!

Good SEO copywriters earn as much as $ 300 an hour. And that can be a bargain! Why? Because of something called the natural text algorithm (NTA). A few years ago Google started using NTAs to spot Web pages that were written more for search engines than real people. Correction,[…]

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An SEO Tale – The Search Engine Saga

Once upon a time, the search engines relied on META tags: keywords (especially keywords), titles and descriptions. There was no need to optimize a website, there was no need to hire professional content writers to create valuable web content, no one cared about keyword density on pages. Once upon a[…]

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10 SEO Tips for Google, MSN, and Yahoo

My guess is that if you are looking at SEO articles you are a beginner to the subject. Here I will show ten easy ways to better optimize your site for search engines. These tips are not only great for beginners but also for experienced webmasters as well. Check out[…]

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SEO Vs Social Media

Just a couple years back, the best marketing tool online is SEO. SEO is still powerful, but businesses are gradually realizing that social media marketing seem to be benefiting them more. The reasons for this lie in the major differences between SEO and social networking. First of all, SEO is[…]

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SEO for Digital Currency Companies

The popularity of the digital currency is growing day by day. Bitcoin is one of the well-known cryptocurrency. It enables people involved to earn and purchase currency without any regulation from a bank or a central authority. Transactions take place directly between the users. Currently, cryptocurrency has its dedicated segment[…]

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Internet Marketing SEO is Easy to Do

The first thing to do for internet marketing SEO (search engine optimization) is research your keywords. Keywords are the words people type in to find websites about the topic of their interest. If you know which keywords people use to find information like what you offer, you can rise to[…]

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